A great experience–the big draw chalk festival in Pleasanton

This weekend The Big Draw Chalk Festival took place in Pleasanton, California. I was thrilled to attend this event because of all the members of the community that wanted to show their passion for art. Even though it was an extremely warm day on Saturday, I enjoyed all the drawings that artists from all levels were doing, I was very impressed about how enthusiastic these artists were considering the hot weather. After talking to some of the artists I found out that every drawing had a story behind which made it even more significant, even one of the drawing’s meaning was related to the history of the City of Pleasanton which I thought it was very thoughtful of the artist.

My favorite part of the event were the performing arts which consisted of musicians and Chinese students from all ages demonstrating their skills on stage. I was happy to see that the Chinese community played an important role in contributing to the city in such a nice multi-cultural event. ImageImage
This festival is so unforgettable because I was highly participated in marketing this festival through social media platform.  We created a video and promoted this special event to our friends, and friends of our friends in our network. This was one of the greatest experiences in the MBA program. We used the knowledge we learned into the MBA program to apply into the real business world.
Also, I did have a great time with my cohort classmates. We enjoyed talking and walking with each other in the sun. Thanks to Yi Jiang, who organized and hosted the lunch for all of us on that day.
To sum up, it was really a great experience in there we see how strong is the impact of the social media. I felt extremely excited because our work plays a vital role in the success of the whole event.