Useful Tips for MBA Students

Attending MBA program could be a milestone in your career. If you are determined to take such a program, check yourself with the following tips. Are you well-prepared? Let’s start!

1. Be Open-minded

Remember that you are not taking classes in college. MBA program could be totally different. Your classmates usually have different background and majors. The reason they come here is for learning managerial skills and interpersonal skills. Be willing to accept everyone whoever is similar to you or totally on different track.

2. Be a Good Leader

Keep in mind the most important thing you want to enroll in a MBA program is to learn the leadership. Take every opportunity to get training in leadership.

3. Use Social Media

Before you start the MBA program, check your account in Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media connect us more tightly than before. Start using them to get more familiar with each other.

4. Improve Time Management Skill

You might be work at somewhere else while you are taking the MBA program. Then you will face the multitask problem. Everyday you have different work due and it is the time for you to learn to make plans and balance your work and study. 

5. Have a Vision for Future

A successful manager or leader should be very clear about his/her vision about future. As a driver for his/her own train, he/she needs to know his/her personal career goal.

6. Practice Presentation Skills

As a business man, one of the most important skill is making a good pitch. What you need is not only be good at the things you are doing right now, but also a good skill to show others and convince them what you are doing right now. So start from now–training yourself to be a good presenter. 

7. Be skilled at Office

Although it is not a big deal, but what I noticed according to my experience is students always lack the sufficient office skills which are needed in a MBA program.  Those usually include the Excel skills, Word skills and Powerpoint skills. 

8. Create the Network

Value every person which you meet in the MBA program and try to communicate more with other MBA program students through different activities such as c competition.   Study told us that majority of the successful people do have a strong network. Do not hesitate to build up yours. Now it  is the time.

9. Focus on Your Drawback

Before you start this MBA program, one thing you need to be aware is that MBA is a program which trains you different aspects of business. So forget about your major in college. The right thing for you to do now is to look into a bigger picture and improve what you still are bad at rather than good at. 

10. Teamwork

Still think about yourself as a isolated person? Only want to do things by yourself? It might applicable for an engineering student while totally not applicable for a MBA student. Join others and do some work as a team.

11. Internship

Internship is vital all the time.  Take it if it is possible! It will be helpful for you to build up your resume and practice what you have learned in class. 

12. Entrepreneurship

MBA is a great opportunity for you to think about becoming an entrepreneur. Grasp it! Do not think you can not become an entrepreneur as it is too challenging. MBA program will help you think creatively and broadly. 

13. Reading

Everyday you need face a lot of assignments and cases. Read more and train your reading skills to make sure you can get the key meaning effectively.

14. Be determined

For all the students, we need to be determined once we take the challenge. You can sleep less and work harder to finish what you need to do. I believe this could lead to our success for sure. 

15. Be Willing to Accept Culture Shock

The last tip is especially for international students. MBA could be much more challenging for an international student as the unfamiliarity to the culture and language.  Do not be scared or feel shameful if you make mistakes. Be willing to accept the challenge which life gives to you.  Living in a foreign country could be hard, but that does not mean you should close yourself. Try to connect more with people and enjoy your stay. 

Above are 15 tips for a MBA student. I wish every new MBA student could have a wonderful study and working experience in the coming one or two years!



2 thoughts on “Useful Tips for MBA Students

  1. I do agree that internship is the best way to get access/experience to an organization you want to work for. Be aware though, sometimes companies don’t pay interns. My undergraduate degree is in hospitality, and during my senior year, I was required to do an internship gig for a couple months and majority of the companies I approached only offered unpaid internship. It also depends on the industry, if you are going to be in the hospitality industry, you’ll be lucky to get paid. But if you plan to stay in the technology sector, most likely you’ll get a salary because most companies here in the valley could afford to pay their interns. Paid or not, I still think that internship as well as volunteering are the best ways to have your foot at the door.

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