The long beach competition (1)

Through this Thursday to Saturday, we had a special experience in ICSBC which held in Anaheim. Before we left for this competition,we knew we would experience an intense time there to make our decisions in company operation.



Our group consists 6 people, which includes our CEO(Andrew Vargas), CFO(Wenwen Jiang), VP in Marketing( Charlene Cervantes), VP in Production (Leigh Purry), VP in Sales ( Denise Thao Yang) and Controller( Gaspar Sanchez). On Thursday, Andrew and me were lucky to get on-site on time, submitted the report. The two people in our team—Denise and Leigh, their plane was delayed by 7 hours.

The competition started from social hours and we met our competitors in person there. The feeling is interesting because we have been competitors for over 2 months through internet while it was the first time we have met each other. Later, we have a warming up meeting and every team introduced themselves. The first decision on site was due in less than two hours and that was our first time to feel pressure as we need to make a decision in such a short time.

Friday & Saturday

These two days are the toughest for us. We need to make 7 decisions and also need present our results on Saturday morning to the judges. The most unforgettable thing is that one email told us that since the system’s error, we need to make the last three decisions again, which means the decisions we made before were no longer valid. We experienced a hard time at that time; we had an even tighter schedule and need redo all the decision and work longer with our un-refresh mind. But finally, we still got everything perfectly done!

I strongly felt the importance of collaboration in a team. Through the process, our team, as a whole, we were working extremely hard and supporting each other. Everybody got few hours of sleep every day.

The awarding banquet is the peak time of the whole competition. We got the best performance in stock market and second place in the performance of the competition.




Last but not the least, Saturday is Denise’s birthday and the whole competition group was celebrating her birthday and singing the birthday song for her during the banquet. I believe that she will never forget this special experience for her.



2 thoughts on “The long beach competition (1)

  1. I’ll never forget our experience together! I love your heart and passion and wish you the best success in your future endeavors. You have a bright future ahead of you! Grab it and have no regrets!

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