My experience–Social Media’s Impact on my life

Social Media provides a platform that people can communicate with each other freely about their own ideas or lives. There’s no denying that social media has a huge impact on the whole world as a tornado. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter boast millions of users who are now actively engaged in diverse hot topics.

As a international student who comes to USA to study in a MBA program, I have the strong feeling that social media is now changing our life. I used some social media to enhance my study and learning experience. For example, when I came to USA one year ago, everything here seemed fresh for me. I could not speak fluent English, I could not find a tasty restaurant, I was not familiar with the culture here…. Social media  helped me get adjust to the life here more easily as I chat and communicate with my cohort classmates not only in the classroom but also outside of the campus. Social media provides me one way of learning the authentic living style of people here.

Social media has enhanced my social capital and improved my civic engagement. In this electronic decade, people are getting closer even they are physically apart from each other. Through social media, we can easily know each other’s life, share the ideas toward the same topic. As social media actually brings convenience for us, it is broaden our social scope.

Some technologies also help us in learning. For example, we can get the online resources if we face difficulty in learning some materials in hand. Both New York times and Economists website are where we can get a update of the current world news in politics and economics.

New Life starts from here! Are you well prepared?



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